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    Help setting / unsetting application associations
    Ok looks like I screwed up ----- for the first time I hooked up my Epson 610 scanner (usb) to my Mini --- and it nicely found the scanner and launched some small app that looked like a scanner control app -- very nice --- then I looked at one of the option menus where it said I could set a preference when the scanner was detected ---- thinking of my old PC running Photoshop --- I thought well ------ it should launce iPhoto and I can just do the import there --------- wrong ---- I can't find a menu selection to do a twain / scanner import in iphoto

    Ok so where does Panther store application associations ???? how can I un do this ???

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    just delete the preferences for that app, its in :
    mac hd>users>your username>library>preferences>look for the apps name here, or something related to epson and delete it. then re open that app and it should let you choose again what app to use.

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    You can also goto and download a program called Default Apps. It's a system preference pane that will allow you change the file association for just about everything.
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    Or in Finder:
    Right-Click > Get Info on any file of the type for which you would like to change the default application. (ie any.doc)
    In the "Open With" section select the program you wish to use by default. (ie
    Click "Change All" immediately underneath the program selection box.
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