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Thread: Imac - transferring music from pc to mac - help

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    Imac - transferring music from pc to mac - help

    I am going to assist a frend who has decided to dump his old Windows Xp system to a new sexy imac.

    Anyway - the main concern, as hes a avid ipod fan, is his music. On his pc, at some point he has created multiple locations where his music is. We want to, on his imac, have music in all one place.

    Now, all his music currently is on his ipod thank god. But he also has playlists, and paid for stuff all stored in his itunes folder.

    I have been reading this guide:

    Recovering Songs from an iPod - Mac Guides

    and then this one:

    Moving your Itunes from Windows to Mac The Daily Byte

    That refers to Senuti

    But I am greatly concerned for playlists already setup etc.

    Is there a better guide or a better way to do it transfer files to his imac

    Any advice appreciated.


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    Do you have an external HDD or a flash drive big enough his music library? If so, just copy the main iTunes folder that contains everything, and put it under the Music folder on his new iMac. Whenever you load up iTunes, choose not to import any files at that time and keep the iTunes music folder organized. Once it opens, he should see his old library and playlists.

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    I just recently did this.

    I copied the files and folders from my PC under the "My Music" folder that are iTunes stuff. This contains the playlists, play counts, apps, etc. I copied these files into the My Music folder on my MAC.

    I then copied the music directory itself (which I had stored in a separate location) over to the MAC in a new folder I created.

    When I fired up iTunes on the MAC it when through a library update function for a minute but then displayed all my playlists and files etc. However, all the music files had an exclamation point next to them because iTunes doesn't yet know the new location for them. Easy enough, I just went into iTunes preferences where you can designate where your music files are stored and after I made that change I exited out and relaunched iTunes and everything works perfectly.

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    Thanks for that.

    So, let me gete this right, take a copy of the contents of:

    CDocuments and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes

    and do I then on the mac, just put the contents in the MY Music Folder or do I put the Itunes folder in there?

    In ref to the music, as he has all his music in 2 location, I will copy into \My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music on the mac - is that also correct?

    Now - what happens when, once all music is over and itunes seems it all, he plugs in his ipod. Will the ipod see the music as duplicates or will it resync and just marry up?


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    u can also use Pod to Mac Its real easy to use and it copies every thing from ur ipod to ur mac. The only thing it doesn't copy is what eva u purchased in itunes. Good luck. I use this all the time. Great free program

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