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    If itll work on linux/bsd, will it work on os x?
    hey guys, i know all software for linux can be compiled on osx, i was wondering, what about drivers? Yea i know video cards require a bios flash..but i have an ati wonder VE i loved, and it did in fact work in linux...but i see no osx support..and ive found drivers for linux, and some BSD people have been successful using bktr modules..

    anyone knowledgable in this?

    thanks in advance.

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    Almost certainly not.

    OS X resembles BSD (and Linux) on one level, but is actually based on Mach. It has BSD APIs, so most application programmers can treat OS X like BSD. But drivers are a completely different matter. Between the Mach vs. Linux/BSD differences, and the hardware differences, you'd probably be better off writing the drivers from scratch.

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