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Thread: MacBook Pro 13-inch: 2.26GHz vs 2.53GHz

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    Question MacBook Pro 13-inch: 2.26GHz vs 2.53GHz
    Is there any significant difference between the 2.26GHz and 2.53GHz? Been using PC's ever since the 486 but would like to try a MacBook Pro 13-inch.

    Most intensive thing it'll be used for is watching movies, burning CD's/DVD's, and making homemade movies out of clips recorded from a digital camera.

    - Would be upgrading the 2GB ram on the 2.26GHz to 4GB (do you recommend?)
    - Would be satisfied with either 160GB or 250GB HD
    - Would probably get AppleCare to extend up to three years (do you recommend?)
    - Would also most likely purchase a keyboard/mouse/monitor at some point to use with the MacBook Pro 13-inch for a "desktop" feel

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    Tons of threads like this...

    The difference is 270MHz... which in the old days would be an entire computers worth of processing power... but today really isn't anything.

    -I recommend upping the RAM to 4GB if you pay for it yourself (PC-8500 DDR3 at 1066MHz) and install it. You'll need 2x2GB sticks.
    - I have 160GB in my laptop and it more than suffices, but again if you want to upgrade later, it's really easy and cheap to get a bigger faster drive, and really easy to install.
    -AppleCare is the best extended warranty out there.
    -no need, the trackpad and built in keyboard are amazing.

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