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    Unhappy Using SCORM online course with Safari
    I'm currently taking an online e-learning course that uses SCORM (a JAVA based program) and it doesn't seem to work on a Mac.
    I've tried different browsers tried switching browsers and I still have problems using it.
    Has anyone else used SCORM and got it to work on thier Mac? Maybe a work-a-round? I really don't want to go back to my old VAIO PC laptop to do this course unless I have to.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Java, by it's very nature, is platform agnostic. It has to be a browser issue. Which ones did you try?
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    It could be a 32-bit versus 64-bit problem so you can try forcing the browser to use 32-bit first. That is accomplished from the Java preferences found in Applications/Utilities. Also, click the Advanced button and select Show Console. If you get an error it will be logged to the Java Console. Paste it here, that will tell us the exception generated. If the error is reproducible across browsers (Firefox and Safari) you probably have a Java issue under OS X.

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