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    Windows Guru with Mac Mini
    The Mac Mini is working bringing in windows converts - I'm one.

    I want a machine I can recommend to users (I'm a PC Network Manager in a school) that isn't going to be infected with crap a week after they first surf the internet with it. I spend a lot of time 'delousing' PCs infected with the virus/spyware/malware cocktail that hangs around on todays internet. Its looking good, It does Web browsing, Email and Microsoft Office without a hitch which is pretty much what teachers use PCs for.

    I've a couple of queries.

    What are the Command and Options keys on a windows Keybaord ?

    Why do Mac mice only have one button when 'right click' seems to do quite a bit in OSX ?

    What is a good cheap/free SSH client to use ?

    Is there a cheap/free Image editer where I can specify an image size in pixels ?

    Thanks for your time

    Stephen T

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    For a good, free image editing program I would reccomend Gimp. It is an X11 program so it can be a little slow to start up at first, but you really can't beat it for a free program.


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    That looks like it might make a standard 256Mb mini cough a bit...... Something a little simpler, more windows paint than photoshop ? Thanks for the quick response BTW

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    Quote Originally Posted by pluggy
    What are the Command and Options keys on a windows Keybaord ?
    I believe they are the Windows and Alt keys

    Why do Mac mice only have one button when 'right click' seems to do quite a bit in OSX ?
    The single-button mouse is for those who have never used computers before, and for longtime Mac users who are accustomed to it. Some people are quite productive with the single button, and even prefer it. All of the right-click options are duplicated in the menu bar in most apps, or via control-click (which is a pain.)

    Many users choose to replace the Apple mouse, or never buy one in the first place. Apple, for reasons unknown to us, has never marketed a two-button mouse, even as an option.
    What is a good cheap/free SSH client to use ?
    Is there a cheap/free Image editer where I can specify an image size in pixels ?
    AppleWorks has a bitmapped painting component, which is actually a little more powerful than it looks. Preview can crop and convert images, and iPhoto is a good basic photo editor/manager.

    You might find something else on Versiontracker, depending on your needs.

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    Thanks Guys. The cyberduck does the job, and I found 'Toyviewer' on Version Tracker which looks like just what I was after.

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    Desolate One
    Sorry I couldn't get on the boards earlier, however I would like to welcome you aboard! Always good to have another Windows Guru make the switch!

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    Yea, welcome onboard!

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    I did the same. Well, actually switch primary home desktop from Linux to Mac Mini. I still use both Windows and Linux at work but I love to come home to my beloved Mac.

    Anyway for an image editor yes Gimp is pretty good (if a bit kludgy) but I would consider Adobe Photoshop Elements. That can be gotten for less than $100 or if you purchase some scanners or drawing pads it'll come bundled with the device. It has a LOT of the features that the full version of Photoshop has, and a few that it hasn't. Mostly having to do with digital photography and things consumers would like to do (stitch panoramas, some picture packages, other stuff as well.) For the price it is a very well featured image editor, and if you learn how that works you are well on your way to know how to do a bunch of stuff in the full version of PS should you go down that road.

    For ssh I was gonna just say that Terminal comes with a ssh client (along with those spiffy editors - vi, emacs, pico &c.) but it looks like you need enhanced functionality for things like FTP. I use cyberduck as well for that.

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    Tom in AZ
    I am also a normally a PC guy, so this G4 powerbook is a great learning experience for me. I am much happier with it than I was with the old mono macs & IIe I had back in Jr High school years ago.

    I found this photo editing program that seems to work nicely, and the price tag isn't bad as well @ $19.95. Here is a link for it:

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    I'll second Toy Viewer, it's one neat program, for more options you could try Graphic converter on a free trial.
    Have fun & Welcome.
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