I've down loaded multiple versions of isync and have some iSync receipt files in the main HD libraries -- what are these -- are they important ?

Basically I'm still chipping away at being able to run iCal as my Palm calander - AND - pretty much understand (thanks to a lot of help here) how the documentation kinda glosses over a few areas in getting the Palm conduit SW going ........ argh

Long story short I've down loaded / loaded mutl versions of iSync - then blown them away (dragged to trash) -- then repeat above ....

So the conduits are now enabled - but I have no iSync application to run - early on I had a iSync icon in my application folder -- but that got blown away in the many attempts - sooooo now when I down load iSync 1.5 and try to install I get a warning the the HD already has a newer version of iSync installed

When I serch on iSync -- all I get is a file labled iSync conduit settings and the receipts