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    Where do my movies go
    Hi, I only got my lovely macbook pro about a week ago. Having lots of fun importing all my photos and movies.......however - I can't figure out where everything gets saved. I imported lots of movies in imovie then imported lots of photos in iphoto but I wanted to 'organise' them both in iphoto (this seemed logical to me and iphoto seemed a bit more user friendly) so I imported my movies into iphoto.

    Now I'm worried that I have made 2 copies of my movies, I went into finder looked under 'all movies' and deleted all the ones named cache.

    I guess I'm asking 'where exaclty do movies and photos get saved?'

    Thanks for reading, hope you can help.

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    When you import movies or images into iPhoto, they get placed into the iPhoto Library, which shows up as a file in your Pictures folder. If you right-click on the iPhoto Library in the Finder, there is a menu item called Show Package Contents. Clicking that will show the files and folders that are actually held within; the two that are of interest to you are Originals and Modified. The Originals folder holds the files that you've imported, and any time you modify an image from within iPhoto, it copies it to the Modified folder to store the changes, keeping the original intact.

    Having said that, I highly recommend leaving the files in the iPhoto Library alone; only modify them from within iPhoto. When you change things manually, you'll at least confuse iPhoto and at worst corrupt the entire library.

    When importing files, iPhoto checks for duplicates automatically, so you shouldn't have any; however, there are cases that might prevent this functionality from working. Here's an Apple help article that explains the issue.

    Oh, and welcome to the forums!

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    Thanks for the reply I will have a look now, but where do my movies that I imported into imovie get saved? I presume it is not the iphoto library. Is there a way of comparing these imports against my iphoto library? I have over a hundred movies so I can't manually go through them and check, it would take forever.

    Thanks again, this forum is amazing
    I love my macky!

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