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    All Mail goes to SPAM Folder
    Anyone know the fix for this?? All of a sudden every message i get in MAIL goes into my SPAM folder. Happened 2 weeks after I upgraded to Snow Leopard so I don't think that is the reason?? I am perplexed. Everything has been great then all of a sudden. Nothing hits my inbox. It all goes to spam?

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    Open Mail’s preferences and switch to the Junk Mail preference pane. In this pane, click the Reset… button. This will reset the rules that Mail uses to determine Junk Mail. Also, make sure you haven’t made any rules that send messages to the Junk folder that are too inclusive.

    Edit: Then again, when you say the SPAM folder, do you have an IMAP account set up? If that’s the case, there is probably something on your email server that is moving them there.

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    You are my hero!! I've been messing with this all week! A million Thank You's!!

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