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    installing Windows
    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to install BootCamp for the first time and I went to the utility program and ran it. I put in my Windows Vista Home Premium Lite install disc in and the install went smooth.

    But when, I finished and it was running Windows, I couldn't switch back to my Mac OS. I restarted the computer and the setup, I expected to see an option to either choose Mac or Windows and nothing came to my surprise. Except, it went back to the Windows OS. So I restarted again, and this time when it was in the gray Mac loading screen, I fervently pressed the eject button so that my disc would come out. I did this because while in the Windows OS, it wouldn't eject my install disc because it said it was in use still (so I assumed that the OS was running off of my install disk). With my luck, the disc came out, but now I can't ever get back to my Windows OS partition.

    As you can tell, this is all very confusing to me. I think it should be noted that when I was doing the initial install process, I opted to put in my product key after because I couldn't find it at the moment. Could that have caused it to run off my disc? I found it now, so should I just retry the process?


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    You have to hold down Option when you boot up the computer that will bring up a little selection space.

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    really? that's all?

    man i feel stupid.

    thanks so much.

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