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    A-B switch, One Monitor, PC & Mini Weirdness
    I bought a clunky, mechanical A-B switch so I could use one monitor for a Dell PC and Mac Mini, but it seems to 'bug out' the Mini. I turned on the Mini and it had lost the Wi-fi in our house, and gave me a message that my 'Calendar was set to a date before 2001 and this will cause problems". I used finder to reset the date & time, and re-entered the password to get wi-fi back. Has anyone else gotten this weird calendar thing? The A-B switch is only in the monitor path, so I don't see how it could affect either didn't affect the Dell. I had to disconnect the A-B switch to get it back to normal.
    (Mac Mini 10.8.5, only 2 months old)

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    I use a ABCD switch between Macs and PCs with no problems although I do not own a Mini. Try moving the adapter (if its a VGA switch) from the Mini to the back of the switch.

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