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    New to Mac. Need networking to Vista help please..
    I just got my 1st Mac. 15" Macbook Pro and of course I've got a million and five questions. I've Googled some with some success but some others I'm just struggling withnow so I hope its OK if I ask here.

    1st question is Network related: I'm connecting my new Macbook Pro to home network (replacing my Toshiba XP machine that connected just fine) and of course it hooked up with wireless router right away.

    I have a NAS hard wired to a wireless router. The Mac sees all the folders and files just fine and can read/write.

    I have a Vista PC with Users Folder all shared with full privileges (and firewall off) hard wired to the same wireless router. The Mac can see the Vista PC and also see the Users individual account folders but when I open them I can't see any of the files.

    I really don't know what direction to go. The Vista PC was fine with the old Toshiba.

    Thanks for the help/feedback.

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    There's a networking forum that might help:

    Airport, Networking and Wireless Technology -

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