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Thread: Help on deciding!~

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    Help on deciding!~
    I am trying to decide on the 250GB or 160GB macbook pro 13". I want to use bootcamp and install windows 7 on it. Basically, I will mostly be using windows for homework, or youtube, or downloads ( i will set it to automatically boot up in windows). The only times I would use OS is for editing. I am planning to install programs on it like photoshop, flash, illustrator, final cut, motion etc. Is 160GB not enough? Should I go with the 250GB one? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    oh btw, I'm planning to keep my songs, picture, and movies etc. in a portable external hard drive.

    Thanks so much!

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    Go 250.

    Final cut is huge, even if they've been able to trim it down with the latest release, it's still not a small program. It'd be very easy w/ OS, base apps you might want, photoshop, FCS, etc. to eat up a lot of drive space.

    If all you wanted was OSX, then the 160 would probably be fine, but with wanting to add Windows 7, and possibly additional apps for it - you'll really want the extra space.

    if you feel the upgrade price through Apple is too expensive, look into what it takes to swap out the drive yourself then look at some of the online retailers to see if you can get a 2.5" drive for less and do it yourself - the OS install is no real big deal.
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    How much extra is the 250GB HD? I just bought myself a 7,200rpm 500GB internal HD for £80 for my MBP...You'll fair much better buying it with the stock HD and then upgrading it yourself.

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    I'd go with the cheaper of the two and buy a larger and faster HDD from a third party vender. IE. Newegg.

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    I agree, 250GB for dual processing is the way to go. Even though snow leopard free's up some space, windows 7 will probably take up a big chucnk of your HD space. Also, you always want to have a good amount of free memory just so your computer can run a bit more efficiently. Like mentioned before, I would try to invest in an external hard drive to keep all of your files backed up and keep your desktop a little clean xD Rocstor drives are pretty cool. Anyone ever heard of them except me?

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    Thank you so much for all your opinions!

    You guys are right, I think I will go with the 250GB one just in case. Don't want to get the 160 one and get screwed over.

    I know somewhere that is selling the 250G one for 1,399.99$ US. I am gonna find out how much it will be if I upgrade it myself. Thanks all again

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