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    Isight Stopped working
    Help! So I tried to videochat with my friend, however instead of the image showing up, nothing showed but a black box. I then opened photobooth and the same thing happened, when i tried to take a picture (in case it was just something blocking the camera), the 3,2,1 counted down but a picture was not taken. The green light is lit and the audio works but the camera does not. I then tried to reset my computer, and then updated it but nothing worked. I am debating if i should try to reset the PMU but am wary about doing this. Will anything happen to my computer? and will my files/pictures be lost?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Nothing will be lost by resetting the PRAM - NVRAM. However, it's probably not going to help as it doesn't really have anything to do with the operation of your iSight camera.

    I'm not sure if the Apple Hardware Test runs a test and hardware check on the iSight camera but you can give it a try. See the following Apple KB article.

    If your computer is still under warranty or Apple care, you might want to make an appointment with your local Apple store genius bar to have it looked at. If your iSight is not working it will have to be replaced.


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    What OS what machine? My unit gave trouble when i upgraded to Safari 4 but removing a video plug in sorted the matter.

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