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    Hi People!

    Can anyone tell me more about this Mac I have just purchased!

    Apple iMac - 17" 1.83 GHz- *Core 2 Duo - Leopard - eBay (item 190337662830 end time Oct-04-09 11:22:49 PDT)

    (scan down to see it)

    I will be using it mainly for email, internet and making home DVD's. SO can anyone tell me what kind of Mac this is, what version, or what they think of it, etc?



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    what kind of Mac this is
    It's an iMac. The ebay listing clearly says that, and has pictures.

    Every Mac type is identified with a model number. The ad also has that.

    what version
    The ad clearly says: iMac (Late 2006)

    what they think of it
    It's an absolute base spec Intel Mac, meaning it has the lowest specs an Intel-based Mac can have. 512MB is probably usable for light email and web use, but the combo drive it comes with may not be able to burn DVD's.

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    If the e-Bay description is correct...this is probably your computer:

    Apple iMac "Core 2 Duo" 1.83 17-Inch (IG) Specs (Late 2006 CD - MA710LL) @


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    Doh, don't expect to play any games. It might be able to handle WoW on minimum settings, but the intel GMA 950... yikes.

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