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    I think I'm making this too hard...Outlook to Mac
    I use Microsoft Outlook for contacts and calendar management on PC. I have a gmail account and have not really used Outlook or any other e-mail client to manage my email account. I'm trying to switch all my contact and calendar information to my iMac.

    I've been scouring through the threads trying to figure out the easiest way to do this...i.e. Thunderbird with Lightening, Sunbird, etc. I've saved my contacts and calendar as CSV files at the moment and I'm trying to import them after installing Thunderbird and Sunbird on my iMac. My contact fields are all a little wacky and I'm still unsuccessful in getting any of my calendar events to load.

    Any suggestions on a simpler way to accomplish this?


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    When I moved from Outlook to gmail a couple years ago I recall just importing the Outlook contacts directly into gmail contacts. There is an import button under your gmail contacts page. Likewise, there is an import button in your google calender settings page.

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