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Thread: Snow Leopard and SanDisk

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    Aug 31, 2009
    Snow Leopard and SanDisk
    After two weeks of frustration and about a dozen e-mails to SanDisk, I finally received an honest reply from them. I was unable to get the password option to work on my flash drive. SD gave me several time-consuming suggestions (all assuming it was my iMAC at fault, not their drive), then today I received an e-mail telling me that their drive doesn't work on 10.6. All previous OS, but not Snow Leopard. Thought I'd pass this on to anyone here that's interested.

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    Don't be too hard on them. Have you ever tried dealing with Lexmark's IT Department?

    Now that is frustrating. For two years they assured me there were drivers for Tiger on the All in One series before finally advising they were wrong and no such driver existed even though the web site showed a link to the Tiger driver!

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    Sorry if I sounded like I was bashing SanDisk. I guess I was a bit. I get really tired of dealing with Customer Service reps who have "scripted responses" and my problems still isn't solved. For the record, I love SanDisk and am truly sorry that I won't be doing business with them until they get up-to-speed with Macs.

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