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    Parallels problems with Snow Leopard
    I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and now my Parallels 2.2 will not run. The VM had my quickbooks software on it that i use for my business plus all of the backups for the program on the desk top.

    I dont mind upgrading to Parallels 4.0 to help get access to my software and backups but i want to make sure the upgrade will restore everything i had previously on my 2.2 VM.

    Does anyone know anything regarding this problem or a possible solution to my issue? Does this make sense?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Parallels 2.0 is not supported under Snow Leopard...and neither is Parallels 3.0. Only version 4.0 works with SL.

    Hope that helps,

    - Nick
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    thanks Nick
    I quickly learned that the 2.2 and 3.0 versions will not work with Snow Leopard. Do you know about the upgrade to 4.0 from 2.2? Will all of my software and files be present after that upgrade? thanks for you help. D

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    The best place to find this out and more is at the Parallels user forums. Here is the link.


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    They should be. There is a "conversion" process that get run on your old VM. It takes some time, but has worked on several machine that I have used it on. Plan on setting aside some time as it can take awhile, depending on how fast your machine is and the size of your VM. I's also suggest making a backup of your VM and storing it in a totally different directory/external disk/network disk before converting if possible. Just in case... LOL
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    thanks for your help everyone. will see where i get...
    anymore help would still be appreciate!

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