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Thread: Need some ‘Important’ advice on the iLugger iMac Carrying Cases…

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    Unhappy Need some ‘Important’ advice on the iLugger iMac Carrying Cases…
    I was wondering if anybody knew some information on the 24-inch iLugger iMac Carrying Case. I have ordered that product in black direct from iLugger’s website; (, whom themselves have sent me the wrong product…twice!

    The problem is, is that they have posted a different picture of their 24-inch product up on their website compared to the one delivered to unsuspecting customers, and they “supposedly” didn’t know about this until only “I” have told them that they have sent me the wrong product…twice?

    The images posted; ( has a 24 Inch Carry Case For iMac users!) shows 3 nice 24-inch iMac Carrying Cases, (besides the ugly “Olive-Leopard” combination, but that’s personal preference), in the following colors and Part Numbers: 90039 (Black), 90050 (Blue/Black Combo), and 90051 (Orange/Black Combo).

    These bag’s images are not the 17/20-inch iMac Carrying Cases advertised on their website as you can see the smaller bag has a large, horizontal velcro-attached, external-pouch the length of the bag. This pouch would only be on one-side the front face of the bag, and not the other backside. And if you compare the 17/20-inch images to the 24-inch pics with their matching colors you will see that it is a different picture with different product positioning and camera angles.

    These “Nicer” 24-inch bags have extra features than the bag that they currently ship, regardless of the last few differences which is partly cosmetic, but also functional:

    1 – 2 zippers with extended nylon straps, (other bag has 1 zipper with no strap)

    2 – clear plastic slide pouch on the top of the bag for tickets, (other bag has no pocket at all)

    3 – Larger dimensions: 24” x 5” x 24” as compared to: 21.5” x 4.5” 17”

    4 – reinforced leather padded stitching over the handle hinges

    5 – lower-mounted handle on the lower-horizontal strap, (other bag mounted much higher up)

    6 – The Zeppelin patch in the middle is grey or silver compared to a brown color, (just a difference)

    7 – And what looks to be a nicer, exterior material than the Part Number: 90040

    Honestly, the 24-inch bag (Part Number: 90040) that they are shipping looks cheap and not as nice as the ones pictured and marketed on their website? Also, the 24-inch iMac doesn’t even fit nicely into this bag as the sides of the bag extend outward past the seams and the bag looks stretched and bloated. My own measurements came to be 22” x 5” x 22”, proving this must be the 90040 Part Number and not the correct bag ordered.

    My question to anyone who is listening is…”Am I getting an older prototype of this bag as iLugger is trying to ship old stock to people who may not notice, or is the better bag an older model, and if so, what year? I would like to find an older model if possible?

    But, I would be very much surprised that LTA Projects have taken alot of nice features off of this previous model to produce an inferior bag? If these superior model designs are an older version do you know anywhere (or anyone) that I can purchase one, or if they are the newer version how come I can’t get one from iLugger themselves?

    I just want to buy the right bag that is advertised and not get the wrong product for the 3rd time!

    I appreciate any of your advice, help or direction, and thanks for reading.

    Best Regards…


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    Have you called their toll free number and spoken directly with them?


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    Yeah, I spoke with them a number of times where they assured me that their next shipment, bag #2 was the exact one in the picture and the one that I ordered but surprisingly, it was the same bag!?!

    Then I called them up today where they said that is the correct bag which it obviously is not. I mean, I'm not dumb, there is clearly many differences in product comparison as I pointed out. But their distributions seems dumb?

    Any help, know of this "correct" bag anywhere?

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    Another brand is your answer. Clearly they aren't competent enough to give your business to.

    Move on.

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    Very, very true...I only wish that there was another competitor out there that made a similar bag or any protective bag that holds a 24-inch iMac!

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    Try these...

    Imac 24"

    if you want REAL protection and have some bucks...iMcruzer - Apple iMac 24" Computer Carrying Case

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    Angry iLugger case for 24" iMac - Bad experience, costly, never again
    I had a different experience than some, with iLugger for my 24' iMac. When it arrived I tried it out and discovered that it was not as well padded and sturdy as I'd hoped it to be. Also, the bag doesn't have enough of a wide/sturdy base so it can stand on it's own. The iMac wanted to fall over flat rather than stand upright.

    I called to return it and much to my chagrin, they said since I had opened the box, it was now used and they would charge me a 20 % restocking fee.... How can you see how it fits and works properly and is acceptable, without opening the box ?? I told them the bag is in perfect condition unblemished, unused, and is exactly like the way it left the factory, but they wouldn't hear of it.

    Their return policy is crazy, with the 20 % restocking fee, plus I had to pay the return shipping charges of course. Quite a bit of money wasted for a product that I can't use, and is not up to the quality it should be for the price charged... Very very LAME...

    I will NEVER buy any of their products or recommend them ever to anyone. It's just not worth it, and neither are they. There are much better companies to do business with.

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