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    New Macbook user external hardrive?
    My Macbook should be delivered by tommorow, it will be my first Mac, and I have always had a windows laptop.

    I have Seagate 320GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (ST3320820U2-RK) that I have songs, photos, videos, and some Uni work on. I just wondered if anyone could tell me if I will be able to use this with my Macbook. And if not how would I go about getting the files for mac use. Most of my Mp3s for my ipod are there so it would be a major bummer to have to lose it all.

    This is my first post Cheers in advance.

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    Your new Mac will be able to read and write to the Seagate if it's formatted to FAT-32. Without third party software, NTFS formatted drives are read only.

    Several options are available for third party software to read and write to NTFS drives: Paragon NTFS

    Open source software: NTFS 3G

    Of the two, I recommend the Paragon driver which is also now compatible with Snow Leopard.


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