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    Hi all -

    I'm finally retiring my G5 and just bought a new Mac Pro. I didn't buy a new monitor, 'cause I still really like the Studio that I got with the G5. Go to set everything up and find that the old monitor has a custom connector on it that's not DVI - it's got extra pins to support USB ports in the monitor casing, and the the plug is oval rather than D-shell.

    I did some searching online and haven't found a reference to this connector style even existing. Is there an adapter I can buy somewhere, or do I need a new DVI monitor? (Also, I assume that even if such an adapter exists, a monitor from '03 is not going to support HDCP and therefore I won't be able to play any of my HD stuff from iTunes...)


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    It is what is knows as ADC (Apple Direct Connect). You can purchase from the Apple Store an ADC/DVI converter for around the $100.00 mark. it connects to the DVI port on graphics connector, mains power and USB. Here is a link - the one you want is probably the top one shown for $99. Links to the Apple Store are down so something new maybe about to be launched:-

    Apple adc dvi adapter Computer Cables & Adapters at BizRate - Price Comparison and Consumer Reviews

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    Cool, thanks. Guess I'll be going by the Apple store tomorrow

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