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    copying files from external hard drive to my mbp
    I have an external hard drive (Iomega Mini 500 GB capacity) that I have a lot of photo files/folders on, and today I read in the "Switching to the Mac (Leopard Edition)" that Lady K recommended that (this is under the subject of transferring files from PC to Mac) and the book said that I can just hook up my external hard drive (it's formatted for Win XP, NTFS (I think)) by USB and just copy the files/folders over - it said nothing about a bootcamp partition on the mac's hard drive regarding this. But, I just want to tell you that my family made me take Windows XP out of my mac and eliminate the bootcamp partition earlier this week.

    I'd like to copy some folders/files from my Iomga Mini over onto my mac's hard drive this way, but I'm afraid to try it because I think with no bootcamp partition on my mac anymore, it might corrupt/delete/wipe out all the contents of my Iomega Mini external drive.

    Can you please help me?


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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    OS X can read, but not write to, NTFS natively. You're copying from the XP box to the Mac? No worries then. If you're not booted to windows using bootcamp, there is no difference.
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    You won't have any issues just copying files to your Mac.

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    Thanks - but I forgot that my nephew had hooked the Iomega drive to my Dell Dimension desktop PC that's upstairs in my office - it's too big of a hassle (too dark next to the wall under my computer desk, and I kind of get dizzy everytime I lie on my back trying to disconnect/connect electrical plugs, etc.) yesterday afternoon. Until then I had my Iomega downstairs in the little corner of the dinningroom where my desk (and the mac) is.

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