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    Back up to IDisk
    I am trying to set up a normal backup of some folders to idisk and when I go to back it up I get the message in MAC Backup 3.1.2
    "this plan has never been backed up to the destination"

    I do use time machine (to ext drive) but would like to keep some important doc/folders backup up else where as well...


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    I am going to assume you have an active subscription with MobileMe with this response.

    I would first try restarting the computer, as it fixes a lot of issues. If this doesn't work, check to make sure you have no updates that need to be installed then try again. If it still doesn't work, try reseting iDisk syncing. Hopefully that will take care of your issues.

    I had a similar problem, but not an identical one. I had to go as far as to reseting iDisk on the server, but after that i haven't had any problems.

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    Yes you assumed right I have a full active subscription to Me and yes I restarted the system and bingo it work thanks..

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