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    Is this a good program to make copies of DVD?
    I want to make copies of my p90x.And I was wondering if I should use "burn"..It has the option to rip and burn but I was curious if I should use handbrake to rip it to my computer then use burn to rip it to a dvd.


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    Sorry, that would be a commercial DVD and we don't permit discussion of DVD ripping.

    From the announcement in the Movies and Video forum:
    The forum rules at Mac-Forums (linked at the top of every forum) are very clear, we respect US law and court precedence when it comes to legality of activity.

    Therefore to clarify:

    • You may not discuss breaking DVD encryption, copying, or "ripping" commercial, copy-protected DVDs.
    • This includes DVDs you own. Even if you own the DVD, it is still technically illegal under the DMCA to break the encryption. While some may argue otherwise, until the law is rewritten or the US Supreme Court strikes it down, we will adhere to the current intent of the law.
    • You may discuss ripping or copying unprotected movies or homemade DVDs.
    • You may discuss ripping or copying tools in the context that they are used for legal purposes as outlined in this post.
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