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    Office 2008 invalid license key
    High all

    I bought a refurbished macbook pro which is the mutts nuts and I am now a total convert.

    When I purchased the mac it came with Microsoft office 2008 pre installed.
    After receiving an update it seems that Ive been rumbled as to having an invalid key, and now Ive been locked out of the Office applications. Entourage is holding several emails hostage and I cant get to em.

    My brother had the same problem on his PC but managed to get some info online on how solve this via regkey and changing a 3 to a 0 blah blah blah! But I cant find anything for the mac version.

    I would be be super grateful for any help that would enable me to solve this problem. But please break it down into idiotanease so I can understand it.

    Cheers all

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    Sorry, don't know how to help here.

    But, to all those who read this and are looking at purchasing a used computer, don't pay a single penny for any application that does not come with the disc. As in this case, as soon as the person with the disc installs it on a new system, you can be left with a useless piece of software.
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    Mail will import Entourage mailboxes.

    Unless you purchase an Office license of your own, you won't be able to use Office.

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    To build on what has been said here, did you get the install discs that came with the Mac? If not, ask for them as you should have gotten them (not only for Office but for any software that is installed through the use of optical media).
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    To the OP:

    If you bought a refurbished MBP and it came with Office 2008 pre-installed, it was more than likely a trial version. You will need (as you have been advised) to purchase a license from MS which will convert the trial version to registered.

    Or, perhaps less costly is to purchase the Home and Student version of Office 2008. NewEgg and Amazon have it discounted at around $104.00. It comes with three install keys.


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    As chscag advises, get Home and Student version of Office 2008. Make sure the trial/illegal version is removed using the uninstaller before using the new, legal version.

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