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    my iMac sound like a PC I'm scared
    Well its doing that clicking noise That PC do. I have the 24 inch, 600 gb, 4 g ram. Anyways it just started now. Its getting to me. I don't use the computer for much other than music about 4 gigs, blogging, internet surfin and watch videos.

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    Perhaps it's because the Mac is a PC. And just like any other PC, it has fans and hard drives that make a bit of noise. Now, granted Apple has taken great pains to reduce the noise, but it will still be there when the setting is especially quiet. If you believe it to be defective, book an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    Perhaps it's because the Mac is a PC. And just like any other PC, it has fans and hard drives that make a bit of noise.
    Yes, computers do have moving parts inside and those parts do tend to make some noise now and then.
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    What disturbs me is my external drives are really loud both are IOMEGA drives. Some drive manufactures are louder than others. I have heard the drive in my iMac a few times but nothing that concerns me. I hear about the same harddrive noise from both Windows machines I have running in my office.
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    G'day jj and welcome to the forums.

    Go into Disk Utility and see what SMART status has to say about the condition of the drive. SmartReporter is a great little utility that sits in the Menu bar and advises when, and if, you have drive problems.


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