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    Question Battery treatment
    Hi guys!
    i've just bought a new macbook pro. the new macbook pro has its battery built-in. so if the battery already is 100% full should I pull out the magsafe? which powersource mac uses when the battery has reached 100%? is it ok to leave it plugged in or better to plug it out?
    i'm afraid that the battery could be overcharged.
    thx guys!

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    Welcome! Please do a search on the subject and also on "battery calibration." You'll find dozens of discussions on the subject.

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    It’s perfectly acceptable to leave your computer plugged in when it has a full charge; it will simply draw power from the outlet until you unplug it. Just be sure to let it run from the battery when it is suitable (or at least once a month).

    For more information on keeping your battery in good shape, check out Apple’s recommendations. There are also quite a few threads floating around here, as mbohn said.

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