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    Issue syncing Google contacts
    Hello everyone. I recently got a new 15" MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. It is the first Mac I've seriously used in 15 years. I am trying to sync my Google contacts with my MacBook, but when I enter in my username and password, it tells me they are incorrect. Any suggestions? I'm not sure it is on the Mac end because my Gmail Notifier does not let me in either. I can log into Gmail through the web no problem. I don't have the Always use HTTPS checked, I have IMAP and POP enabled. Any ideas?

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    Not sure what you mean by "syncing Google contacts with your Mac." When I set up my Mac I just logged onto my Google account and my contacts were there, I never had to mess with anything.

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    Are you using Mail as your email program on your Mac? If so can you get your mail okay? If not then you need to check your settings because once you are getting your email via the Mac Mail program from Gmail then all contacts and folders will be in sync.
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