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    document icons
    on my wife's computer when I save a word document it looks like the normal nice looking word icon. for instance the .doc and .docx icons are different looking etc... but on my computer the word icons look normal for about one second and then switch over to a gray, generic, sheet of paper looking icon. How come I can't get the standard nice looking word icons to appear on my computer. same goes for .pdf files, her's are nice and red standard .pdf icon, while mine go to a gray, generic looking one after about one second.

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    On your computer.... which program do you have assigned to open Word documents? PDF documents? For example: If TextEdit is the default for opening Word documents, then what you're seeing is normal.


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    The documents will be thumbnails (little pictures of what they look like when opened) if you have that option set.

    If you want abstract icons, choose View > Show View Options and un-check the "Show icon preview" box. But if you do this, any pictures you have in that folder will also take on generic icons.

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