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Thread: How could my Mac connect to a wireless network when no PC could?

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    Arrow How could my Mac connect to a wireless network when no PC could?
    Not sure if this is the right place for this discussion, but here goes:

    At work yesterday our wireless internet network went down. Neither our company desktop nor any of the PC laptops could connect to the wireless network, yet my Mac still could.

    I checked to make sure that it was the company's wireless that I was connecting to instead of another network, and it definitely was.

    Any thoughts on how this was possible? When I was on support with AT&T to get the internet back up for all of the other computers the person I spoke with had never heard of such a thing.

    Just curious.

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    Could be that your wireless didn't go down per se, but the closer-to-you access point might have gone down/got wonky and needed a reboot. There were other access points that weren't messed up that were far enough away that the PC's couldn't get a signal, but your Macbook could. I don't know if this is the case as much with my new Macbook Pro, but my old white Macbook could tenaciously pick up wireless signal when no PC could. I was at a hotel once where in the conference room I was able to get on the hotel's network in that room, but everyone with a Dell or even Powerbooks had to take them out to the lobby to check email.

    Best theory I could come up with. The company I used to work for had multiple access points like this, unlike a home wireless in which there is one access point and it's also the router. My home has this setup and if the router gets weirded out, everyone is off the net, but at work it was the access point and separate routers.

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    I would have just answered: Because MACS are brilliant!
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