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    Graphic's maker
    Did my iBook come stock with ANY graphic's applications..where I can make banners, little know with your name that look cool?

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    Developers Tools (which comes with the PowerBooks, PM's, and iMacs) has a very very basic drawing program built in but thats it
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    I didn't see any drawing problems on my iMac G5....

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    **** well I'll get someone to do it for me. I love my iBook, but I reallly wish I got a Powerbook..unfortunately there wasn't a price drop until after I got my iBook so I had no time to think about the 2. I'm looking to get another Mac..I'm not sure what to go though..should I get a Powerbook? or would it be foolish..or an iMac?

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    iMacs are pretty good. You might want to consider apple care. There are alot of things that can go wrong with it. Its not really the ebst ideato have 2 laptops. Plus u can have a desktop and laptop. Aynways, the iMac is pretty powerful, and would outperform the powerbook g4.

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    Yeah that's true..maybe I'll save up for even longer and go for the gusto.. a Powermac..maybe by the time I'm able to buy one they'll be upgraded..I find Powermacs to be perfection. Even if your not using them for graphic design or movie editing etc..

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    You could always run GIMP under X11. Its free and is just as good as Photoshop in my opinion.
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