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Thread: Mail program keeps trying to run setup

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    Unhappy Mail program keeps trying to run setup
    I've recently bought a MacBook Pro, after years of using windows and linux. Reasonably computer savvy. The iPhone was my gateway drug into the Mac world. Pretty happy so far, and I've got nearly everything working just the way I want it.

    Problem -
    Mail keeps trying to Setup.

    I use gmail and google apps for email (personal and work). I have them set up as mini permanent tabs in Firefox. I don't need or want to use any desktop email program. I set Gmail as my default mail program, so now if I click a link, it sends me to Gmail in my browser. Perfect.

    I have iCal sync'd to my Google Calendar, and it's working perfect. I hid Mail from my dock, so all is right with the universe.

    Until I get a calendar reminder, which is frequent. Then Mail starts up, I get the bouncing attention icon from the dock, and it has the startup screen.

    I'd like to stop that. Any hints?


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    Not exactly sure why Mail shows up with calendar notifications, but you might as well just set up Mail. It may or may not solve your problem, but at least, it won't bug you when something else calls it.

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    I’m going to have to agree with technologist. I’m pretty sure Mail will continue to prompt you until you set up an account. You could set up a false/dummy account, but by the time you do that, you might as well just set up your real account; it’s a breeze anyway. For Gmail, you only have to type in your name, email address, and password, and Mail does the rest. Once it’s set up, just take the account offline (Mailbox → Take All Accounts Offline) to prevent Mail from downloading messages.

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