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    When I installed Snow Leopard it installed QT 10.0 which I'm assuming is the same as QT X? My question is can I install QT 7.6.4 without over writing QT X? From what I understand QT X is better overall but some programs require QT 7.6.4.. for instance some videos embedded in web browser require 7.6.4

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    Seem to recall reading somewhere that the install process moves QT 7 to another folder - Utilities? have a hunt in your app folder - u might find it.

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    I read that as well, only had my MacBook a week though, the first QT installed on it was QT X. So wouldn't be anything to move I wouldn't think.

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    In short, you should not have to worry about installing QuickTime Player 7. From my understanding, QuickTime Player X can play all the same formats as QuickTime Player 7 could.*

    If you do need to install QuickTime Player 7 for whatever reason, though, just insert your Snow Leopard Install DVD, open it in Finder, open the Optional Installs folder, and then open Optional Installs.mpkg from within. Go through the steps, and you’ll be able choose to install QuickTime Player 7.

    *If you’re interested, here are the technical details. QuickTime and QuickTime Player are two different things. Both QuickTime 7 and QuickTime X (10) are installed by default in Snow Leopard. QuickTime Player 7, however, is only installed by default if you have a QuickTime Pro license on your computer. QuickTime Player X, on the other hand, is installed by default. QuickTime Player X uses both QuickTime 7 and X, so you should be fine when it comes to playing videos; if they worked for you before, they still should.

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    Snow Leopard has moved QTP7 to the Utilities folder. I had the same experience and was panicking because I use QTP Pro quite a bit.

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    If you just need the player, give this Apple KB article a read.
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