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Godfather 04-05-2005 07:21 PM

Mac news reader ?
Hi all,

I have a PeeCee runing xnews, which downloads from time to time stuff from Usenet.... but do I have something like this on the OS X ? something that can decode yEnc files ? something that can easily be understood by mere mortals ?

TIA. :miner:

dan828 04-05-2005 07:38 PM

Hogwasher or Unison are the best I've found-- although I mostly use Newsleecher on the PC and just transfer any files I've downloaded to the Mac over the network.

meltbanana314 04-05-2005 07:41 PM

I like OSXNews. It's not as mature and stable as Unison but it's free and open-source.

schweb 04-05-2005 09:48 PM

Here's another thread on this topic:

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