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Thread: Epson CX11 Printer Settings

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    Epson CX11 Printer Settings

    I just got a new mini for the kids system. Everything is going great so far, except for the printer. I have setup the printer just fine. It is installed over the network and was discovered by OSX and the drivers were downloaded automatically.

    However, as this is the kids system, I want to change the default to print monochrome only. This is a color laser so I would prefer to limit the amount of color printing the kids do. I was able to do this on the windows driver and also on the Linux drivers for this printer. I just don't see any option to do that.

    Being an IT guy and PC/Linux user maybe I am over complicating it. It might be so simple on the Mac that I am totally overlooking it.



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    Go to System Preferences, Print & Fax. Open the panel and find your Epson printer. If you have other printers installed, highlight the Epson and then click on "Options & Supplies". Depending on the OS X software which was installed for the Epson, there may be options for "draft printing", "resolution", and so forth. There may also be an option to print only gray scale or black and white.

    If you can't find an option to print only gray scale, black & white; you may be able to substitute another Epson printer driver that provides gray scale or BW printing.


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    I have looked in there, and also in the queue options pages. There are very few options there. It might be hard to use another driver, I don't think that Epson made many color lasers. I let the print setup download the driver. Epson lists a driver that is compatible with snow leopard. Should I try that? Maybe that has more options available.

    I know that the driver I have now does function, it prints and I can see the toner levels and those types of things. There are just not many options, Default paper size and that is about it.



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