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    Pages - Trying to scale poster from A3 to A5
    Hi, I've created a poster using the poster template in Pages. The default size is A3. I'm trying to scale it down to A5 so that I can fit two posters side-by-side into one A4 size sheet and print two to one sheet.

    I don't know if I'm using the right terms and making myself clear enough, but I hope someone can get the gist of what I'm asking....How do I scale my poster down to A5 so that I can get two copies into an A4 size paper for printing?

    Thank you.

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    I'm not sure that Pages will automatically scale down because the formatting of the text or size of images needs to change to do so. You may need to divide the A4 page into two columns (or two table cells), do the scaling down manually on your bigger poster and then paste into the cells twice. You could check out the big user guide at Apple - Support - Manuals for better info :-)

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    In most graphic app you copy your work paste it in the new page and drag it down to the size you want from the corner holding down the shift key so it want get distorted. You would do a copy for each side of the page. Put a center line on the page as a guide. Youll have to eye your work to make shure its sized the same and straight.

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