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    Hey all!

    Just purchased my first ever Mac!

    I got the MBP 13.3" 2.26GHz 2GB Ram 160GB HD model from Best Buy tonight. I have wanted one for quite some time now. Glad I finally have one. It will be great for school.

    I have always been a PC guy. Just built myself a gnarly PC about 6 months ago (quad core, 8GB ram, 1.5 total TB's, dual monitors, etc, etc -- it's a beast).

    This is my first laptop though. I have never liked them in the past til the new unibody mid-'09 MBP's came out.

    Just wanted to say hello. And I am always up for some good tips! ... Like I said I am brand new to OS X. I've had an iPod Touch for quite some time which has familiarized me with a lot of the icons, but thats about it.

    I am waiting to transfer all my files til I receive my new hardware in the mail. I ordered 4GB crucial 1066 DDR3 ram and a 500GB Wester Digital HD from earlier that I am looking forward to installing.

    Great website here ... I am looking forward to browsing around getting informed.

    I LOVE THIS MBP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Helpful tool if you are moving files from PC Belkin : Switch-to-Mac Cable

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    Welcome my friend!

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    You look like you are going the route I am going. Now I can't decide between you got or just getting a bit faster Refurb one.

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