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    Access windows files from mac with partition?
    So I have a partition, and my windows side messed up, cannot use the trackpad and the caps-lock stays lit, so I can't move around in the windows. So I was wondering if there was a way to find the files on my mac os that are on the windows os and transfer them? I am going to reformat my mac into 1 partition but don't want to lose my files. Thanks! (if anyone knows a solution to the trackpad not working in the windows partition but works on mac os partition that would be extremely helpfuul too!) I have a white macbook

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    If Windows is not functioning correctly, why not try repairing Windows first? It sounds like you may be missing some drivers on the Windows side. With Windows running, insert your Leopard DVD or Snow Leopard DVD and reinstall drivers. Try that first.

    If you want to reinstall OS X clean and need to backup your data, I suggest doing that with Time Machine to an external drive. After reinstalling, you can restore the Time Machine backup. But before you reinstall OS X remove the Windows partition by running the Boot Camp assistant. Select "create partition" and then select "restore". That will restore the hard drive back to one partition of OS X.


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    There are also settings you have to set from within Windows... I think it's called "Bootcamp Preferences" or something like that. It should be in the system tray on the bottom right. My trackpad and a few other things wouldn't work until I went and turned on those features specifically.

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    ok so I got my macbook working, but now I have one MAJOR problem which after reformatting everything still is there.

    My keyboard like partly works. Somehow, some of the key's got remapped??! For example, to get my @ symbol, it somehow now is on the ] key??? and for my caps lock, when it is turned ON i have normal lowercase, but when turned OFF i have all caps??? This never happened before.

    Is there a keyboard driver for mac os or something, or what would I do??!

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