I just got my mac with snow leopard 2 weeks ago.

Whenever i connect to my home wireless network, I am automatically can see all the computers on our network and the files they are sharing under "Shared" sidebar in finder. (We have a workgroup setup).

Keep in mind this happened on my brother's mac using 10.5 a couple months ago. We did not configure anything, just connected and everything was there. I also setup a printer and it could print.

Randomly today, ( and for my brother, randomly also) I can no longer see my network shared computers or print from that network computer. Nothing has changed. I have to manually go into "Go" under finder and enter in the computer network name and connect.

My question is WHY does OSX randomly stop this automounting?! It's really annoying because it worked fine, it just randomly stops. I also have no idea how to get printing to work again.

Please hopefully someone can help me turn this automatic workgroup sharing connection back on.

I've tried entering MSHOME into the WINS network preference already and that doesn't work.

Thank you for your time.