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    Anyone have any pics of an iMac G5 w/ the harmon kardon sounsticks 2?
    Does anyone have a picture of their setup with the G5 and the harmon kardon sounsticks II? I am thinking about getting some of these and i wanted to see what they look like next to the iMac.

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    There's a question I never thought about..what kind of speakers do the iMac G5 come with?

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    simi crap internal better then an iBook but still pretty bad

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    not lond enough but i would need speakers like the imac g4 small and apple-looking

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    I haven't got a pic, but our shop has them setup with the iMac G5 and they look quite cool.

    But I think the JBL Encounter speakers look better with the iMac and sound better too!

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