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Thread: How to move mail item to calendar?

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    How to move mail item to calendar?
    I've searched and can't find an answer to this seemingly simple question: how do I turn a mail item into a calendar item?

    I've been using a Macbook for about 9 months and love it. With SNow Leopard's exchange functionality, I am trying to make the switch from Outlook running in Fusion to mail/ical/et al. But one critical piece of functionality has me stumped. In outlook, I could turn a mail item into a calendar or task item by simply dragging the message over the calendar icon on Outlook's folder bar and the contents would become a calendar item.

    How do I do that on the Mac? Once ical has focus, it seems the dragged mail is no longer in drag mode.


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    If there's a date/time in the message text, hover your mouse pointer over that. You should see a dashed line and a gray arrow indicating a popup menu. Pull down the popup menu and select "Create New iCal Event..."

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    OK, that was super easy -- what about tasks/to-do's?
    Too simple. But now, I don't see a way to move a mail item into my to-do folder in Mail. I thought I could just drag it to the folder, but it won't let me, though it will let me drag it to a notes folder.

    If I right click in the body of the mail, I get a "New To Do" pop up but it's greyed out. What the secret here?


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    You have to right click on the text that is the to-do. Usually it's a date or something. And then it will also show up in iCal.

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