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    SL Clean install and Time Machine questions
    First of all I love my Mac, but like some others, I'm also experiencing serious lags and temporary freeze ups since upgrading to Snow Leopard. So I want to see if a clean install will help (it's a 3 month old 15" 2,8 ghz MBP with 4 gig Ram and a 500gb HDD that's about half full).

    I'm not interested in doing a complete system restore from Time Machine after the clean install (mostly because I don't want to recover any settings, or what ever else that may be making it drag... if that's possible), but I would like to be able to recover user accounts and mail settings etc. as well as importing all my pictures, videos and documents.

    Is this possible?

    If I connect the HDD that I'm using for Time Machine (WD My Book 500gb) and just click on the Time Machine icon that pops up on my desktop (as opposed to going into Time Machine through system settings) it appears that I can access my files like I would any other external HDD. If that's the case then it shouldn't be a problem dragging the files I want back to my Mac book... So I guess it's mostly the account settings I'm worried about loosing.


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    Jun 09, 2009
    I finally found the info I was looking for here (where there's a good explanation of migrating account settings from Time Machine in various situations):

    Apple - Support - Discussions - Can I Use Time Machine Restore Files to ...

    My Mac is running much better since doing the clean install.

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