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    New Macbook user, couple of questions
    Hello everyone I recently got a white Macbook, and I'm loving every second of it. This is my first time using OS X and it's such a huge change from Windows and Linux.
    Right now I'm still getting used to using it but it's not that hard, but I have a couple of questions:

    What is a good desktop RSS reader to use that can sync with Google Reader? I've tried one called Gruml but it was a little buggy, it's still in beta

    I've never had a laptop before, so I was wondering what should I do keep my battery in top shape? I've read the link in about battery care Apple - Batteries - Notebooks and I was wondering if I have to do the calibration every once in a while, and what is the recommended % until I start recharging my battery?

    Thanks for your time, it's nice to be joining the mac club

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    I'm not too sure about the RSS reader, since I don't use it at all.

    As for the batteries, it is always good to let the battery drain out till it is almost empty before you start charging it again. Also, a friend of mine has been using his Macbook for a little over two years now, and his battery health is still 90+%, and the reason being is that he takes out his battery while he is using the plug. That really helped to strengthen the life of his battery.

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    You can charge your MBP whenever you want, but if it's plugged in more often than not, you should calibrate it every month or so.

    I would not recommend taking the battery out when using the power adapter. Dust and debris can get inside the well left behind by the battery and since the Magsafe power adapter is designed to come loose if tugged too hard, you can lose everything you're working on if it comes out for some reason.

    It's good to let electricity flow through the battery sometimes, so use it when you're away from a power socket, plug it in when there is one, and just remember to calibrate the battery once a month. Which reminds me... I'd better do that now myself!

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    Do not take the battery out. Bad idea for MB and MBP's. Keep it in all the time as it may reduce the power of your Mac. Like Oneironaut said: use it when you're away from a power socket, plug it in when you're near one and calibrate once a month or so.

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    Hey Rokurosv! Welcome to the Mac life! You're gonna love it.

    About the RSS reader: I use NewsGator's NetNewsWire. It's a brilliant app that syncs to your NewsGator account (it's all free). This basically allows you to have your feeds synced with other NewsGator apps, like the NetNewsWire for iPod/iPhone.

    It's all free... The link to their site is: Mac RSS Reader – News Reader for Apple - NetNewsWire by NewsGator

    Hope this helps!
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    Another good reason to leave the battery in your laptop (regardless of brand) is that it acts like a UPS in some ways. If AC power drops below adequate levels, the system can switch to battery until AC power returns to normal levels. Likewise, the battery can act to absorb a sudden spike in voltage through the adapter.
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    Thanks for the advice.
    What I'm doing right now charging my battery while at my home and once it's completely charged I use the charge in the battery until about %20, when the indicador shows red. Battery life is around 3-4 hours which is fine because I'm usually not that far from a conector.

    Regarding the RSS reader thanks Radst3r, I made an account with NewsGator and I like the interface, it would be nice to sync up with Google Reader but I exported the feeds to try it out. Also found out about NewsFire might try it later.

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