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    Shortcut for Finder
    Hello everybody,

    I have a question: How can one access in the Finder by Shortcut from the search-line to the results of the search? For example, one is first in a Finder window, then one can call the search-line with CMD+F and enter in the search-line a file or an order name. While one enters the name, the Finder suggests already some files. I would know gladly, how I can come by Shortcut from the search-line of the Finder to the search results? I thank you already for your assistance!

    Many greetings

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    A little late, but still.

    Open Finder...> type cmd+F...> punch in your search...> in the upper right corner it says save, and automatically a "saved searches" folder is being projected in the "save in" box.

    It's really quite easy, and you were almost there.

    Hope this helps

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    Once you have found your file in the Finder Search, press Tab on your keyboard to put focus on the results. Arrow-keys move among results, and Cmd+O opens the selected file.

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