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    iMac G5 Will Not Start Up
    I am brand new to Mac Forums and I hope I am posting in the right forum. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks in advance!

    I have had an iMac G5 working flawlessly for 4 years until we briefly lost electricity yesterday during a thunderstorm.

    Now when turning on the computer I get the gray Apple startup screen with the "spinning wheel". Serveral minutes later the cooling fan starts running but it never progresses past that screen.

    I read the Troubleshooting list recommended on this forum and tried the following:

    1) I have tried to reset the PRAM via the command-option-P-R process with no luck.
    2) I inserted the Mac OSX install disc and booted up holding down C. I reset permissions and also repaired the HD through the utilities. Three minor errors were found on the HD and easily repaired, according to the summary.
    3) From the same location I clicked on the startup disk tab and attempted to start the computer using the install disk. It did not work and the computer would eventually just try to install OSX, which I would cancel. I tried the same startup again only I selected the HD OSX and it also did not work.

    Please let me know if you have any other suggestions or helpful advice. This problem is way past my computer knowledge and I'm fearing expensive repairs. If it's too expensive I would prefer an Insurance claim for a replacement and then just have the old HD data transferred. Thanks again for your help!!

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    It sounds like something else may have suffered damage during the power outage. Thunderstorms are bad because when lightning causes a power outage it can also create a surge on the AC line. It's the surge of current or voltage spike which destroys electronic components.

    If you have a good home owner's insurance policy that covers that sort of thing, take the iMac in to have it repaired or at least get an estimate.


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    First try this and see if there is any joy:-

    iMac G5: How to Reset the SMU

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