Got a macbook 10.5.8, 2.53GHz and 4gb memory. Just bought this like 2 weeks ago.

Anyway, I tried updating the machine this morning since the new Itunes 9 came out. However, it crashed even before loading the sceen (spinning wheel), so i force quit the application.

I then restart the machine, and that took a little longer than usual (a cursor came up on a blue screen when loading up) (I don't know if thats a probelm??)

I know the problem is not my router, beacuse i have 3 other computers in the house, which all connect to the internet fine and are all speedy (none of them are macs btw)

It says I'm connected to my network through airport but even when I try and update software it says 'you are not connected to the internet'

I've tried resetting the router/modem. Does NOT work. Safari is really slow loading up pages, and sometimes wont even load.

any help is appreciated.