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Thread: mouse behavior

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    mouse behavior
    so i just switched from my custom-built PC to a powerbook on thursday.

    As a general observation, i've noticed that the mouse behavior on OS X is not as good as on WinXP/2k/etc... The mouse almost feels laggy and has alot of acceleration (at least thats the windows term for what im experiencing).

    I was wondering if there is a way to change this. Eg. install mice drivers, change settings.

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    That bothered me when I bought my mini, I just got used to it. Now I can go from my PC to my Mac without any problems.

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    I have a ibook, but if i remeber from my imac days, under preferences/keyboard and mouse, you can set to how fast the mouse moves. If not that, maybe a failed mouse ball (who uses mice with balls anymore...?), or just a bad connection. If the mouse moves to quickly, just turn down the sensitivity.

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    System preferences > keyboard and mouse > mouse (second from left)

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    The Mac mouse has a pronounced "curve" to it's accelleration, so that you can make finely-controlled movements (by moving the mouse slowly) or snap the pointer all the way across a Cinema display (by jerking the mouse swiftly.)

    Windows uses a flatter curve. Long practice makes the Windows mouse feel jittery to me. It depends on what you're used to.

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    If you want to turn off the acceleration to make it more like Windows, use USB Overdrive (, I've had good experience with it. I use it to turn off the acceleration when playing FPS games.

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    thanks iced, thats what i was looking for!

    and thanks for the imput technologist, i realize that what it is for, the acceleration just so pronounced... thats what gets me.

    thanks whiteshark, but i didnt ask for the location of the mouse prefs.

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