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Thread: Hairline crack

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Hairline crack
    My macbook which is about 4 months old is getting one of those cracks near the track pad where my wrist sits.

    Just wanting to know are apple acknowledging this fault?

    Can I take it into an apple store and get it fixed (for free) even if I bought it from a reseller..would I need to bring proof of purchase?


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    I doubt it's for free and since it's a unibody design the replacement would be very costly. There is no way to prove it you caused the crack or not ... I should point out I probably have something similar to the left of my trackpad

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    I think Apple knows about this problem already and I do believe they will fix it free if you have applecare. It is not a users fault. Give them a call and find out.
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    You're referring to the plastic MacBook, yes? If so, yes, it's a known issue and Apple should replace the palmrest at no cost to you. They've even been known to do it outside of warranty.
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