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    tiger os
    If I buy a ibook today from a private sale in town and I want to upgrade to tiger do i have to pay for it?


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    Yes - when Tiger is released, you will have to pay $129 unless you get a student discount.

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    no, you will not have to pay 129 if you buy an ibook now. you have a very good chance of having apple charge you 19.99 for shipping. In the past releases of MacOS any computer bought with in the past month or so are given a 'free' copy for 19.99 shipping. I cannot be sure that you will be so lucky to buy it on time, but usually you are in the clear for a cheap copy if you buy a new computer.

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    He said private sale though, so this may mean secondhand.

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    Yeah, when I saw "private sale" I thought of a used iBook.

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    great question ,,

    I just ordered a brand new PB 12 inch the other day , from a well known Canadian University

    Im wondering if my PB , will ship with Tiger or not

    Should find out in a week or so


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    No it will not ship with Tiger. Only after they announce the Tiger release date will machines ship with the new OS.
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