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    How to make a .Zip folder without Compression
    How to make a .Zip folder WITHOUT Compression?

    ***It doesn't have to be a Zip by definition, it could just be an "archive" w/o compression, or w/e (i'm not too knowledgeable on this part...). I just want to be able to upload a folder and all its contents at once without 'compressing'/making the file smaller it.***

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    You cannot

    ZIP is a compression algorithm by its very nature
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    like louishen said, it's not possible. You can easily make a .zip file with a ctrl+click on the folder and selecting "Compress 'filenamehere'". No need for a program. But if you want to make one without any compression, it's impossible.

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    As those before me stated, I don’t know of any way to make a .zip file without compression. However, there are various other ways to make archives of different formats that do not require compression. Here are two relatively simple ways that I can think of.

    The first way to do it is with OS X’s Archive Utility application. Open a new Finder window and navigate to Macintosh HD:System:Library:CoreServices and open Archive Utility (don’t mess with any of the other files in the System folder unless you know exactly what you’re doing). In Archive Utility, open the preferences and set it to use regular archives.

    Afterward, simply go to File → Create Archive (or press ⌘K), then select the folder containing the files you want to archive from the Archive Files selection dialog and click Archive. This will create a .cpio file right next to the folder you selected. To open it on a Mac, simply double click it and Archive Utility will be able to open it. If you’re sharing with others using Windows, they might need to download something like PeaZip. If they’re using Linux, they might have the command line cpio utility installed already; if not, PeaZip and many other capable programs are available for Linux as well.


    Another method to consider is making a .tar archive. This is probably the simpler method if you’re comfortable with using the command line. Open Terminal from your Utilities folder and navigate to the directory containing the folder you want to archive and simply type the following command, replacing archive_name with the name you want to use for the new archive and folder_to_archive with the name of the folder you’re archiving:
    tar -cf archive_name.tar folder_to_archive
    Tar files are handled similarly to cpio files; that is, you can simply double click them to open them on a Mac (and most flavors of Linux). On Windows, the aforementioned PeaZip and other programs are able to handle them.

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    You may Zip without compression, control how much compression, or compress some files and not others. True since the old DOS days.

    Create zip without compression on OS X from Terminal:

    zip -r0 files-to-zip

    If you want to add files with max compression:

    zip -r9 files-to-zip

    Use zip -h to see what all the switches do.

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